Yoga Classes

Classes vary as far as what your personal needs and desires are! I offer in person privates, on line privates and yoga pods or small groups. some of the classes are donation based and some are set between you and I for privates. I also offer a monthly of either $ 49. $59 or $ 79. depending on your needs and attendance. most donations are suggested $10 and up but if there is a financial burden for you I am happy to help you! I do offer everything rom chair yoga to full power get your PD strength on! P.S PLEASE IGNORE THE NO CLASS AVAILABLE.... I HAVE CLASSES 6 TO 8 TIMES A WEEK!

  • Category: yoga Therapy classes and art therapy for PD
  • Duration: 01:15 Hours
  • Address: zoom (Map)
  • More Info: HEALING BREATH YOGA & ART anywhere and everywhere


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   Please call me, email me or tex me so we I can answer any questions or concerns you may have about my offerings. I so look forward to meeting you in either art yoga or both!