certifications & fields of Study

Off The Mat, Into the world ( OTM ) Yoga, Purpose & Action 2.0 LEADERSHIP intensive training with SEAN CORN, HALA KHOURI, &SUZANNE STERLING


How to be an active participant in the world for global positive change, and not a stander by! In order to do this we must learn how to transform, releace and use our past traumas into today positives to help others heal. Yoga is a way of life not a class you take! just love find your passion and dig in deep.

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Embrace Energy Yoga School


I have had 2 courses at this amazing school in the past 5 years: a 100ytt and a one week workshop. The teacher is from Risekesh India but the school is in Bangkok Thailand. Leliet the owner-head teacher is simply lovely and is married to a Thai woman. The happy couple decided to share the message of healing through authentic Indian yoga in her Homeland.

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Marina Yoga & Reiki for healing


Mariana Yoga 50ytt for authentic healing yoga and an intesive reiki course

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Purnam Yoga India


I had my 1st big 200 ytt yoga at this school. My field of study was healing yoga for ailments and the body mind connection. This is where I really sunk my feet in and understood finally the true nature of yoga! This course was daunting but in the end trasformative to the core.

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Hridaya Yoga Center


Pain to Peace Workshop and traing to help people alleviate and shed themselves of past pain through different practices. Yoga, self love and forgivness are the three keys to this beautiful therapy.

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kria yoga 2 ten day silent meditation retreats & workshops for personal growth and inner peace


Working yourself closer to your true nature & that true nature is Pure Love. For several hours a day sitting10 days in a row sitting in silence and awarness for inner peace. Silent meditation can help calm the central nervous stystem, ease anxiety, depression, body ailments and bring more awarness to your life.it also Brings to surface what we think about daily, and surprisingly it is our ego.

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