About Christiana

Joyful new day and thank you so much for finding me! I have been in the  beautiful world of helping adults and children flourish through the process of art, and health science in order to achieve personal wellness for most of my adult life . I have been traveling around the globe for more than 27 years assisting people into personal growth, self love and compassion through art... and now yoga for the past several years as well.
When I set out to become a yoga teacher it was for one reason, and one reason only...to help people heal mentally and physically through the practice of "Authentic healing yoga". That being said I set out for the birth place and home land of " REAL YOGA"... India. My first visit to India was in 2009 for a 8 month life altering journey, and since then I have been back 3 times for yoga teacher trainings. My teacher trainings also have taken me to Thailand and Mexico... to get not just one but several different certifications in holistic Hatha yoga, yoga therapy, meditation, yoga nidra and pain to peace yoga.
Having suffered from anxiety, depression and severe homonal imbalance myself in my lifetime I decided to make the study of mental health, disease, hormones and physical ailments my point of focus. For the past two years my focus of teaching has mainly been geared towards Parkinson's, anxiety, body ailments, dementia, and hormonal balance. I did not choose Parkinson's disease it chose me. One of my dear friend's mothers has Parkinson's and she asked me to teach her PD students at he Rock steady boxing studio in South O.C and little did I know that this would become a new life's passion! I have always been an Empath seaqrching for a cure in how to make people feel better since I was a wee child.
   A few points of interest from questions I am constantly presented with. No, Yoga is not a religion. Yes yoga is for everybody. Yoga is about the breath not acrobatics in the gym! yes you can be immobile to practice yoga. Yes you can get a nice physique but, yoga is to help us calm our body and mind through the mind and breath. Yes yoga can help you heal! " If you can breath you can do yoga."

My passion is watching my students blossom right before my very eyes and I look forward to you being my next!